Working hard, do you?

Recognize similar phrases?

–          I’ve been to meetings all day, I haven’t had time,

–          I’ve been writing all these reports, I haven’t had time,

 Reports - Motivation

    Meetings – Cancel those meetings:

Some people always goes to those meetings, day out and day in. Seriously, how can you be productive with all those meetings? Take them away and your day will be more productive.    

Reports – Cancel all those reports, no one reads them anyway:

Are you productive if you are creating reports all day? I’m thinking of writing reports on how other persons perform. And who           reads them anyway? And if they read the reports, do they understand the report?

Go out there and work instead. Meet with your customers, clients and prospects. Do things. You must not waste your time sitting in those meetings and writing those reports. My experience of meetings and reporting are that they just waste your time, or the time for the company.

Most of the meetings I’ve been to out there try to solve problems that originally comes from low productivity. I give you an example: Company A says: Consultants do not invoice enough of their time. Ok, let’s have a meeting around this topic.

1)      First of all there will be meetings and meetings around the topic.

2)      Secondly, on one of those meetings there will be a decision made that someone has to create a report on different things to confirm the problem

3)      Later on there will be meetings again to try to solve the issue that they already knew about, but now confirmed by reports that someone spent a lot of time creating, sending and distributing internally.

4)      Now it is time to change the way of working to get more efficient and productive team to make the invoicing increase

5)      There will be more meetings to find out how to make changes.

6)      Then there will be meetings to modify the reports to be fitting the changes that will be made

7)      To be continued… What if the managers and employees instead put all their efforts in enabling and performing out there instead? So, what should you do instead of go to all of those meetings, creating reports and then go to meetings again? How about:

  • Meeting with Customers, Clients and prospects

For managers, meetings with your team make sense:-).

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