Enough feedback at work?

Are you enough recognized at work?
Are you sufficiently appreciated?
Do you get enough praise?Praise

Check yourself!

  • Have you heard any nice words from your Manager or have you got any other feedback today?
  • Did any of Your colleagues say something good to you like; Thanks, good job, awesome or any feedback?
  • Did You give any feedback to any of Your colleagues today?

If the answer is no, there is a huge risk that you will quit your current position or job in the near future. The feedback culture we all want gets more and more important and is not only “nice-to-have” today. It is a requirement. We do want more feedback, it is one of our most basic need, to be seen, to be recognized. What is good, what is bad behavior? We all want praise. How can a manager miss out on that 2013?

We all have experienced managers who say:

– We are here to work not to cuddle, aren’t we?


– Yes, we should have a better feedback culture, but as a manager you don’t get praise or feedback so much either so why should I give any?

2013! We all know that the Mother Earth is round and not flat. Do we need recognition? YES we do!

What happens if you get it often? You will get an increased self-esteem in your Company. What does that give you in the end? Everything that you want in the Company! Highly skilled people want to work for you. Your colleagues want to bring in people to the company. People start to talk about your Company in a positive way. They love their job!

So, what can you do about it? A lot! Start asking for help at work, begin to say thanks, I’m sorry, those kind of small things… Those small words will create the culture you desire…it is not that hard. Try it and see if someone will nag you about it. Don’t think so. Who did you ask for help today? Did you say sorry to anyone today? Did you praise anyone or did you say thank you, good job to anyone?

The best working climate today includes all of these expressions and where this is common, you probably have a management team that think this is important and drives this topic consciously or unconsciously. Motivation or what? Oh, yea!

I had a manager that never said thanks nor gave any praises or positive feedback no matter what you did…to anyone. Also he required more work to be done, working for him, not with him. Why should I?


Praise 1







Once, one of my most skilled colleague told me as a manager that I never gave him positive feedback. I asked him what he meant by that, I thought I always praised him for things he did. He answered me back that even the number one football player in the world couldn’t get enough positive feedback for things he or she did. Sometimes they are the persons who need it the most. Conclusion: If there is a smallest reason to give feedback or praise…just do it.

Start today, start to say – Thank you! Good job! I’m sorry, my bad.


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