Get rid of Commission…go for high fixed salary

What does Commission do to You? Are you really motivated by your Commission. If so, you should have it, or maybe you should change job right now. Why’s that? Well, would Messi score more goals for his team Barcelona if he got a big $$$$$ check for every goal he’d make? Don’t think so. It’s about the excitment to master something that motivates you, not the money itself or a higher reward for doing a certain task. Would you be faster or more efficient with Incentives in your job today? Carrots and sticks questions:

Motivation 1

1) If you Reward something. Do you get more of the behavior you want?

2) If you Punish something. Do you get less of the behavioryou want?

According to a study at MIT and University of Chicago this is a fact.

As long as the task involved used only mechanical skills bonus work as expected i.e. higher pay = higher performance.


once the task called for rudimentary cognitive skills only, a larger reward led to poorer performance! How could that possibly be?

Well, if you want to motivate your colleagues, get rid of Commission and you’ll see…if you have the right people for the job i.e.



  1. great article.. I remember having this conversation with you several times.. one day when I am a manager and have the responsibility and opportunity to create something greater I will keep this in mind ^ ^

  2. This is what we could call a ” bang on target”!

    I really do like this kind of mindset.
    If we look att all the caracters that is among us, we see people who will be trigged by different things. Some people is having the best day´s of their lives, with just a simple -Hi, how are you?
    I have been an account manager, sales manager and a sales director, I have been screaming like a child for the right commission. I have also been thinking about my salary as some kind of respect towards other people. That was then. This is now.
    I find soft goals and motivation along with a comfortable paycheck as the best affirmations you can get. Respect, fun and creative people will make the world a better place.
    It is always a pleasure to hear or read about your creative ideas, Mr Tobias! 🙂
    Suddenly Sweden is a better place again…

    Very welcome home!


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