Your Manager. Boss or Friend?

Hello and welcome to 2014!

Well, Boss or Friend. Boss or leader. What would you prefer?

Don’t you always wanna be among friends? Of course, however there is no straight answer to the question if your Manager should be a Friend or a Boss. I Think your manager should be your friend although she/he has to act as a professional leader. With that said there is also a certain balance that has to be in place to make it work. Trust and relation are for sure the most important dress for success. Let’s start with some pros and cons to have a coach, manager or a leader who is also your friend:

Motivation - InnovationPros: You trust a friend, you like to spend time with friends, you want to develop things with a friend, you can tell a friend what you really think, most of the time you are loyal to a friend, a friend needs you. You are depended on a friend. You will miss a friend. So, would you care for the same skill set in a leader profile?

Cons: Blank for now. Help me out here…please…

The last 20 years things have changed rapidly when it comes to management and leadership. Before the Boss was untouchable, a person you did not know personally and that was acceptable. Today your recuirements to work with a human beeing is there to stay, yes I hear you…”business is business bla bla bla”. Seriously, you spend so much time at work and the person you have as a friend can become a problem for you as a manager.

Remember, business is all about relationship today. Trust and relation, motivation.
If you do not Think so, Wake up! If you do not have a good relation with your manager, quit!

I’m actually talking about the differences between a Boss and a Leader…I’ll be back with Cons on this topic in a while…stay tuned:-). Meanwhile…do you recognize your manager in the Picture below?


Motivation - boss vs leader

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