Treat yourself – Don’t cheat yourself

Treat yourself – Do your best.

Do you work smart? Yes, if you work hard and efficient, focusing on things that will take you there, making your best effort. I guess you think you do, otherwise you are just “cheating yourself” i.e. you are doing more harm than good for yourself in your attempt to cheat someone else like your Employer, your Colleagues or your Boss. You are cheating yourself.

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–          Don´t cheat yourself

–          Treat yourself!

I’m the coach for one of my son’s Soccer team. He is eleven years old. A lot of kids in his age just play around without getting serious in what they do; Practice soccer to get better. I often remind the kids to make every occasion to a serious opportunity to increase their skills. If you make your best effort in every attempt to shoot, to score, to make a pass or to run as fast as you can, you will make progress, no doubt. You are the only one who can make this happen. No one can do it for you. And of course, do things that you like and that you thing is the most fun. If you keep yourself inside your comfort zone you will probably have greater time short term with no fatigue, but there will be an “epic fail” long term. You are cheating yourself.

Treat yourself!

I often compare this with the process for weight loss or your training program. When you cheat on your diet, who are you really cheating? When you cheat on your training schedule, who are you really cheating? Of course you are cheating yourself. We all know it but it can be really hard to stop eating certain things or changing diet. Same thing with training and exercise, it is sooo easy to make up excuses all the time to not practice even if you told yourself to do so. You are cheating yourself.

Treat yourself!

Some people always goes to those meetings, day out and day in making their least effort in your own Comfort zone. You are telling yourself -What differ will it make if I’m attending this meeting without my greatest alertness, just hanging around chilling. Seriously, how can you be productive with all those meetings not making your best effort, instead blaming others for making wrong decisions or no decisions in the meeting? Do your best and your day will be more productive. Do not cheat yourself.

Treat yourself!

Are you productive if you are creating reports all day? Are you productive attending all those meetings day out and day in? No. Especially if you are not making your best effort creating those reports and attending those meetings.

I mentioned before that you should go out there and work instead of having those internal meetings and time for creating reports. Do things. Do not waste your time sitting in those meetings and doing those reports. Go out there meeting with your clients or prospects.  And if you do, make your best effort always!

How do you work smart? Well, with my own experiences I found myself most efficient when I follow those four steps, not that I always do but…it has happened…

1)      Prioritize – Do what you have to do first. Make an outline on paper and limit your goals to be reachable. Learn to say no. If you have to choose between two assignments or projects, pick the one you’d like the most and the one that will take you there.

2)      Dealing with clients – This is probably the most important one. Please make sure you work with your customer base or prospects, making your relation strong. Either direct or indirect, depending on your role in your company. Remember, without a strong relation with your clients, you are done.

3)      Getting more done in less time – Reuse and copy-cat your old work/projects and modify for your client at this time. If you have fun at work or having interesting assignments this will not be a problem for you. Clear communication with your clients to achieve realistic expectations will help.

4)      Take care of yourself – Rest and come back fresher. Periodic brakes during your day, blame caffeine addiction. Recognize the point of your exhaustion. Exercise. Eat good food.

A summary: Treat yourself!

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