Why forecast? Hire enablers instead!

Does forecast meetings boost you and your team? So many companies put such a great effort in forecasting, hours and hours in meetings. Does it really help the business? Are you motivated after your forecast meeting?

I haven’t made any direct business out of those meetings in my career so far. So, why do you have forecast meetings? Is it because you as a manager are too far away from the business and the only way to get control you need those meetings…or is it a fact that you do not have the enablers necessary to drive the business with success? Your company need you to provide information, so you attend pipeline and forecast meetings week after week. Or are You the boss who requires this…?




Why forecast? Sometimes you need to predict the future, or at least try to predict it as a foundation to make decision on. True. On the flip side this will often take too much effort in your organization. I’m convinced you will gain more business from a face-to-face meeting with a client or if you put the same amount of hours in selling or hiring enablers instead of having meetings about things that “might” happen. If you dare to cancel those meetings and focus on sales and hiring skilled people “enablers” (those people who really make sure things happens), I think you just increased your sales!

The laws of physics are ruthlessly inflexible, and as it turns out, if you are in your office in a meeting, you can’t also be sitting in a face-to-face meeting with your client. Nor can you be making prospecting calls.

Hit two birds with one stone. Now, cancel those meetings and leave your comfort zone, increase your sales and your teams motivation.



  1. I think I should just have my pay checks made out to the NYC Taxi & Limousine commission. Just more efficient.

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