Work with Your Manager, not for Your Manager!

Motivation today is all about working with the Company, not for the Company and this can also be said:

Work with your manager, not for your manager.

Blame managers, not Employees when people leave your Company! If you’re losing skilled people, look to their immediate supervisor. I read this article: Why Good Employees Leave? and I couldn’t agree more. The last few months I’ve discovered this is very true out there. A lot of people in my direct network discuss this topic today and there is a clear trend going on. The manager is definitely one strong reason why great people leave Companies. AND this is also a reason why certain Companies attract top players and good employees to join. Great leaders/coaches attract skilled people and good Employees more than The $$$$$ itself or the “Company brand”. True or false? I convinced this is true.Motivation 3

Some manager-employee relationships are easy and some more challenging, but there is no doubt that working to get the most effective and well managed relationship possible will ease your working life and help your professional and personal development. The Manager has the “Power” and is the key person for making this happen. If not, change job!

“People leave Managers not Companies” was also quoted by David W. Richard in the article I read and my experience tells me that Money today is not a key motivator for rudimentary cognitive skills, it is the opposite. A larger reward actually leeds to poorer performance. How can that be? Check this out!

What really motivates people.


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