Your Manager. Boss or Friend? Part 2

My opinion in this matter is clear. Yes, I prefer to have both a Professional and a Personal friendship with my colleagues.
Are you a person who think that relationships that are personal only can produce disappointment in the long run?

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I’ve had a lot of discussions around this topic after my previous post, especially with peers and managers in the IT business. The most common comment has been: “Of course you cannot be friend with an employee” That is easy to say but when I then asked the question Why? right back, the answer didn’t come out clear at all. I can see a trend out there today that the people who enjoy their work most also tend to have a great manager/employee relationship. To be able to balance the Line between Professional and Personal Friendship has become a new important skill set.

In today’s busy world, work wise, it is hard to separate work from private life. You spend so much of your time at work, hopefully because your work is enjoyable and a pride to you. To have a successful boss/friend relationships the players have to know when to turn off the corporate switch. To know where to draw the line will then become a key. Work is personal, and when you have a problem at work you want to ask a friend for advise. And if he/she is your boss…and friend, wouldn’t that be perfect or at least a convenient scenario?

Remember from my last post:

“Pros: You trust a friend, you like to spend time with friends, you want to develop things with a friend, you can tell a friend what you really think, most of the time you are loyal to a friend, a friend needs you. You are depended on a friend. You will miss a friend. So, would you care for the same skill set in a leaders profile?
Cons: Blank for now. Help me out here…please…”

Some people say you can’t be friends with your boss without an unequal balance of power. Although a boss have greater responsibility, each person in your organization handles a critical function to that company. If not, that position would quickly have been wiped from the org. chart. Authority or not, each position is essential. Power comes in how you handle yourself in whatever role you are given.
Let’s be honest. Wouldn’t you rather work with a person that you have a great relation with than with a person you either have to obey as a slave or the opposite, treat that person like a slave? Yes yes, a slave is a strong word in this matter, I know, but it puts you in the mindset at least to affect you on this topic…ask yourself:

-Do you have a good relationship with your manager today? Good or bad?
-Do you have a good relationship with your employee today? Good or bad?

I met a guy yesterday that did not even know who his boss was. Well, you obviously have that as well… I’m not sliding in to another topic here. Just had to mention it…Hey -Become a friend with your colleague.
Stay tuned!

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